Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Isobella's Birth Plan...

Well, I gave this to my very wonderful doctor this afternoon and he accepted it all! The only glitch, he said, would be if I went into spontaneous labor on my own in the middle of the night and came in - the staff on duty would probably want to c-section me and there'd be a fight. But, apart from that, here it is...


J's Birth Plan - baby Isobella Mai

Hello lovely ALMC medical professionals!
Welcome to my birth plan. I understand you probably get a lot of these but very much request that you read this and please, try to accommodate me and my baby as much as humanly possible. Please understand that this plan is written from two perspectives: a mother, wanting a natural, vaginal birth after a cesarean; and a mother wanting a natural, med-free birth after the death of her daughter from complete placental abruption on October of 2008. I really want the most natural, normal, loving circumstances for this birth, and for this child to be brought out into the world in a calm, peaceful way as opposed to a dramatic, traumatic way. This birth plan then, is written with the intent of making this as likely as possible.

With that said, I understand more than many how unpredictable life can be. If I should need surgery, we will come to that when we come to it. In the meantime however, here are the thing that I feel would make birthing really great for Isobella Mai (my baby) and I. Thank you so much for reading and I appreciate all you do.

  • Please - no constant asking about pain meds or epidurals: I will most certainly ask for these, should I feel I need them. I would much rather have support in my natural childbirth, and a little cheerleading!
  • Please use "pressure" instead of pain whenever possible because I am using self-hypnosis (Hypnobabies) to help me with birthing, and want to allow myself to think of the contractions as a lot of pressure, rather than abject, sheer pain and terror!
  • I would like to wear own clothes - sarong for comfort (will still allow doctors access but will make me more comfortable).
  • Please let me have an extra long drip so that I can move around.
  • Please give me the freedom to use the bath or shower, the birthing ball etc.
  • Please give me the freedom to labor in any position.
  • Please, give me the freedom to push the baby out in the position I feel most comfortable in. I promise I won't try to give birth on the roof, but I'd like to be able to, for example, give birth in a squat if that feels right.
  • Please, no episiotomy - I would much rather tear.
  • If at all possible, I would like to be able to dim the lights.
  • When pushing, I'd like to be able to push when it "feels right" - as much as possible. Please, please, no counting to ten...
  • Please let my birth partner catch the baby if he can!
  • Please let the umbilical cord stop pulsating before it is cut. I'd really like Isobella to get all her blood.
  • When baby is out, please place her on my chest - I want to bond with her straight away unless there are emergency medical reasons why this cannot be so.
  • Please, when she is out, do not whisk her off to "give me a rest". Ideally I would love to be able to breastfeed to allow the placenta to come out without a problem.
  • Also, because of the circumstances of the last birth, I really would like Isobella and I to be allowed to bond for at least a few minutes before weighing, measuring, and all the rest of the standard procedures. I really want to be able to spend those first moments looking into her open eyes.
  • After baby comes, I'd love to be able to be the one to dry her off and wrap her up. Please don't bathe her and dress her for me - again, these moments are not something I got the chance to experience before, so I'd like to be able to do this myself.
  • I'd like to room in with my baby at all times. There will always be someone there with me if I need to rest.
  • If Isobella should happen to have to be taken to the NICU for any reason, please let my birth partner go with her and be with her as much as possible.
  • If I should happen to have a cesarean, please, once again, let me be with my baby immediately afterwards as long as no complications exist. As you can imagine, the last time was very traumatic and I would not like to be separated from my child this time. I'd like to be able to breastfeed as soon as possible after the birth.
  • I plan to breastfeed!

I do believe that is about it: as you can tell, I strongly believe in the natural power and the natural progression of birth, even though it did not go as planned the last time. I feel calm about this birth, unafraid and very much ready. Thank you once again for reading and for helping me!


Mira said...

Awesome. Praying for this all to come to fruition.

The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

great birth plan! :)

Lachlan's Mum said...

I like this, it's very respectful towards you and Isobella. I really hope that Isobella's birth goes (as much as possible) to plan!

margaret said...

I hope very much for you and Isobella that her birth is peaceful and quiet with no drama or trauma for either of you. It sounds wonderful, hope it goes according to plan. Hugs

Frustratedfairy said...

I so so hope they listen to your birth plan without you having to fight for it! You sound very well informed and prepared, all the things you are planning will give you the best chance for a happy and healthy outcome. It's so great hearing someone in the US saying all these things too!
hehehe, I'm so excited for you!! :D

Emerging Butterfly said...

A very well thought out and sincere birth plan....and if you DO spontaneously go into labor and have to deal with night staff...remember...THEY work for YOU and not the other way round. NO ONE has the right to make you birth in a way you don't want to birth. You deserve the chance to VBAC. It is your right. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Isobella....I'm rooting for you and your mama....This will be different. It has to be.

angie said...

Your birth plan sounds amazing, and I hope your needs, and Isobella's birth, is respected for your entire labor. Sending you much love these days. xo said...

i really like your birth plan with my son i didnt want the episiotomy too so i did tear. i hope that everything is going to go well with your birth plan.. ill have to think about my before july 13 that is when im due

jstrong said...

What a beautifully written birth plan. I hope that all of is respected and that you have a calm, healing birth experience.

Just a technical note from an Ex-RN, instead of "Please let me have an extra long drip so that I can move around," you might want to say, "Please let me have extra long IV tubing so that I can move around," if that's what you are referring to when you say "drip."

Love and good wishes are being sent your way.

(mischievium @ MDC)