Monday, August 24, 2009

20 weeks...

Yes - 20 weeks already! My goodness. In so many ways, it feels like this pregnancy is going quickly. Then, in other ways it feels like this pregnancy is going slowly... So odd!

Of course, now I have full-on hit the patch where I do - I do check all the time on Isobella's movement. But she's very co-operative. If I'm feeling totally paranoid, all I have to do is lay very still on my back for a couple of minutes and she'll start to bump around like anything. She felt like something out of "Alien" last night - almost felt like she was trying to break out!

But with all the joviality I know that I am going to be really over-worried now until I give birth. Honestly, every second of every single day the thought of her suddenly ceasing to live is going to be at the back of my mind. I somehow need to counter those thoughts with really positive thoughts for the next nineteen or twenty weeks. I need to make sure that I throw tons of wonderful thought at my baby and my uterus. I really want to get the Hypnobabies home study course, but right now it's rather expensive. Nevertheless I do need to think about that in the next few weeks... That I think would help relax me an awful lot. I'm never shy when I need guidance: I just don't always need guidance - but this time, I do: from wise people!

Anyway today, I am working on several really interesting projects for clients, and also simultaneously making elderberry jelly and various preserved apples. The apple harvest has just started and we have already been gifted four carrier bags full!

So thank you mother Earth for our bountiful fruits and thank you for a wonderful day!


Shannon Ryan said...

YAHOO For half way!!! It's hard to be positive all the time.. but if anyone can do it, it's YOU!! And you know what, you don't NEED to be positive all the time... most of the time will work just fine. :) Shaun and I were just talking about the crazy time thing yesterday.. how it seems like this pregnancy has gone by SOOOO Fast!! But it feels like Dresden has been gone for so long.. and it feels like ages ago since I took that pregnancy test in January.. just some freaky time shift we've been dealing with since last September. I hope the next 20 weeks goes quickly for you.. and then slooooows down, so you can fully and slowly enjoy Isobella! :)

Lachlan's Mum said...

Sending lots of positive vibes and thoughts your way. Keep up that great kicking Isobella!

Inanna said...

Halfway... it really DOES seem like it's going so fast!