Thursday, June 17, 2010


Without my Child,
I wander and weave, meander and ponder
The ways of life, and what lies yonder
Over the hilltop, the horizon, the edge
Of the sea, will you be together, with me?

Without my Love,
I discover and read, fall and recover
The woman I was, the girl-shell cast off
Sailing my boat, with the fruit of my womb
In my affection: one who grows, the other apart.

Without my Baby,
I will and I wait, walk on, but stand still
By myself, I forge a different path
And nurture my new embodiment of soul
Her glow in the dark is the light in my woe.

My heart has sprung open, casting petals about
The illumination of motherhood surrounding it's throne.
My love flows as water to bathe the children
They're running together; we're never alone.


A day in the Life... said...


Shannon Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

You live so honestly and fully...and write it so beautifully.


Fireflyforever said...

Such beautiful words.

How you doin' Jay. I think about you and Shannon and Rachele lots now we don't all connect so much on MDC - what with rainbow business.

Sending you love.