Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bouncy Chairs and other new things...

Gosh, I must update here more frequently! I've been slack even for a new mother!

So, I am embedding some video here - this is Bella in her new bouncy chair... It was a gift from my friend C and in the right mood, Bella seems very entertained! Actually she's just started holding a little rattle and shaking it about - the last day or two she's been very excited when I've put it in her hand. I love to watch her developing like this!

She is smiling all the time now - especially earlier in the day, in the morning, before she has her breakfast feed. It's so amazing to watch her face light up when she sees me - makes me think perhaps I'm not such an awful mum... *wink*

Actually though I have to say with all honestly, I've not been overwhelmed at all with her. I think by the time Bella came, I was so ready to be a mother that if anything, I was expecting the newborn phase to be much more taxing. I was expecting long, inconsolable crying sessions, completely sleepless nights, something other than this. Sure, we co-sleep and I respond quickly to her, but really this has been very manageable and so enjoyable!

The only bad thing about today is my cold. I have a stinking, awful cold - am sneezing all over the place, coughing productively; my head is full up with some cotton wool substance; my nose is runny and my chest hurts. Also, I have a nice lady from the Healthy Families program coming to visit this afternoon - how ironic that I should be so unhealthy on the day she comes to visit!

So here I go, must clean. Will dose up on ibuprofen and coffee and hopefully that should make me feel a bit more human. Thankfully for the moment, Bella seems unaffected. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

I will update soon, with pictures and thoughts...


Jeanette said...

Aww she's adorable, and it's so lovely to hear your voice too! x

ines said...

she's so sweet! And i could watch her for hours, and yes, it's great to hear your voice!!