Monday, June 15, 2009

Opus Angara...

Born of the wilderness, a greater masterpiece
Carving your way through the cool landscape,
Smoothing rock, tumbling over like
An old woman stumbling over, traveling
Onward over cracks in the dirt, over hurt
And bones of those who, long ago tried to
Stop the reason for your flowing.

Opus Angara, sliding past weeping willows,
Fast and with cool gray eyes you push
Toward the overhang, water falling for
A thousand seconds, fragmenting,
Catching and reflecting; spinning
And gasping and crashing into pools so deep
That you cant keep from losing everything.

Opus Angara, my darkest friend, ever living,
Ever ending, ever reborn, carrying me, worn,
To the edge of everything, to throw
My broken body over,
To catch me in your liquid arms.

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