Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The very first post.

Well here we are. I am blogging, just like almost everyone else out there.

But in an era in which is seems the art of conversation is dying, maybe blogging is the way to go. It used to be that friends would meet up and talk about all sorts of interesting things - but there are times I feel that we are all far too busy to do anything like that, instead spending our time embedded in the grind of working for this corporation, or that corporation; worrying about how much the bonus is going to be; talking about business matters on the phone and generally spending far too much time not living, to worry about the fact that our lives are slipping away...over the horizon of forever...far beyond the reach of anything we could ever hope for again.

In short, what I am saying above is that I have made a conscious decision to stop wasting my life. To think more; love more; see more and feel even more than I ever did at any point in my life up to now. The reason for this sudden and fairly unusual (in the human race) turnabout, is something I will write about next. It's a bit of a shocking introduction but bear with me. Afterward, I will write about other things I have in myself that make me, me.


Shannon Ryan said...

I will be your first bloggy comment! Your creative juices are flowin' momma! :)

Fireflyforever said...

I'll be your second. Loving the graphics and looking forward to reading more.

Orchide said...

Well put! I will bookmark your blog. This is the time to start fresh.